About Us


Vision Statement

 Health Opportunity Protection Empowerment

We raise awareness in the community through education and advocacy for victims of domestic violence. Through these values, we strive to change the world.


Mission Statement

 Our Mission at The Victoria W. Carr Foundation is to provide emergency shelter crisis intervention and counseling education for adults and children who are victims of Domestic Violence. We support and empower people affected by domestic violence while striving to end the cycle of domestic violence through education and social change. 


About Our Founder

 Wesley J. Carr was born a Chattanooga, TN native and is now a Nashville, TN resident. He is graduate of Radiant Health Institute as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation. He received a Bachelors in Social work from Middle Tennessee State University. He is a Managing Partner overseeing the Design division for Diverse Inclusions. Wesley Carr is a Professional Life & Grief Coach who helps individuals to find personal fulfillment and create healing that is balanced. Focuses on building to grow and maximize strengths and minimizing weaknesses through feedback and self-discovery.

He was inspired to join in the fight against domestic violence, It was always Wes’ goal to speak out against domestic violence and this, quite simply, was his, inspiration to do something different and not only tell his mother’s story but that of his own perspective in hopes of helping saving someone else’s life.

Wes’ subsequent movement against domestic violence has inspired many. Wes credits Dr. Jewel Tankard for mentoring him and Dr. Sherry Blake for allowing him to grow within her team. These female powerhouses gave Wes the information to help him create a platform and evolve from intern to entrepreneur and professional he is today.

“Don’t be afraid to speak out and always try to find the light in the situation. You have to find the positive because life goes on. Domestic violence and physical abuse are very real. You never know who is or has endured it.”